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Titel van de paper: “Proliferating circularity efforts, Coordinating multi-value creation in multi-actor contexts”. Paper en powerpoint op te vragenvia info@noordenduurzaam.nl

Abstract: In this paper, we highlight the growing urgency of sustainability transitions in
general and circularity transitions in particular, which is hardly taking shape in
practice. We explore new pathways to accelerate such transition, focusing on a
regional scale. We frame the lack of change as a multi-faceted, wicked, problem
of organisation. Two specific aspects of increasing complexity are explored:
extension of the value set taken into consideration by actors, and expansion of
actor types involved. Our value-actor matrix illustrates this two-dimensional
increase of complexity, and points to societal coordination as the main problem
of circularity transitions. We define four criteria for new coordination models:
integration of top-down and bottom-up efforts, scalability from local to global,
diplomacy between ideological and sectoral coordination and intuitiveness for
rapid proliferation. We use these to analyse five cases, leading to the
identification of a common cause of the lack of change. Next, the concept of task
democracy is explored, attempting to fix the cause and customise it for a circular
economy. The resulting framework takes shape in an open-source manifesto for
product councils, on local and regional scales. This research takes large and
sometimes speculative steps and the result is largely untested. Yet it shows one
pathway to acceleration, which may inspire further research.