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Certificaat voor producten die zijn ontworpen met oog op grondstofkringlopen, toxiciteit, zonne-energie, watergebruik en sociale rechtvaardigheid.

Cradle to Cradle (CM) Certification provides a company with the means to credibly and tangibly measure the achievement of products in environmentally-intelligent design. Cradle to Cradle Certification also helps customers purchase and specify products that are pursuing a broader definition of quality.

This means using environmentally safe and healthy materials, design for material reutilization, such as technical recycling or composting, the use of sun-derived energy, water and strategies for social responsibility.
If a candidate product achieves the necessary criteria, it is certified as either Basic, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

For companies who receive a Cradle to Cradle certificate for their products, the right will be granted to use the Cradle to Cradle branded trademark for their world-wide business for one year and a prolongation in applying for recertification. This trademark will signify to customers that the company optimizes the choice of chemicals, materials and processes for health and perpetual recyclability.


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